4th International Transfromer Conference & Exhibiton | ITCE2018

ITCE is the most important annual event in Transformer industry in Iran. Each year more than 500 Transformer experts from all over the world participate in this event to know more about the latest developments in this industry and share their knowledge.

Also companies active in different field of Transformer industry participate in the exhibition to show their product and services to the potential customers. 

ITCE is organized by:

pars transformer counsoltant services (clinic)
Iran Transformer Magazine

This year International Transformer & Conference Exhibition (ITCE) is scheduled to be held from: 23th to 24th January 2017


 Tarasht Power Plant in Tehran,Iran

Cost of participating in ITCE is: 150 Euro per person

Cost of having a stand in the exhibition in ITCE is: 100 Euro per square meter 

Up to now following companies are attending this event:

MR,Iran Transfo,NYNAS,Energy Support,DIDEE,DTC,Schering Institute of University of Hannover and …

 For more information regarding the Conference & Exhibition please contact:

Iran Transformer Magazine

Tel: +982122018712,+982122018511

Fax: +982122018763

Email: ITCE@Transfo.ir

TV report on ITCE2017